Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jawbone introduced fitness trackers Up2 and Up4

2015 will be the year wearable electronics. "Smart" watch and fitness bracelets already produced almost a dozen different manufacturers, and this number will grow with each month. According to analysts, this year will be sold more than 100 million portable electronic devices, most of which - a "smart" bracelets with the function of monitoring physical activity.

The company Jawbone, specializing in the production of fitness trackers, announced a new flagship model, which replaces the popular Up3. The main difference is Up4 support contactless payments. The company also replaced the model Up24 on Up2.
Jawbone Up24 sales began in 2013. The model version has been improved protection against moisture, there is support for wireless technology Bluetooth Low Energy. In addition, the bracelets have become more reliable. Today presented a $ 100 model Jawbone Up2 also not afraid of water and sweat. It can be used for monitoring the quality of sleep and daytime for activity. For example, when you sit for too long, it starts to vibrate. In addition to using the tracker in new hardware, special attention is paid Jawbone compatible applications for smartphones and proprietary system Smart Coach, which provides the user with tips on how to improve sleep, diet and be more active.
Together with the Jawbone Up2 advanced model emerged Up4. It uses biometric sensors that are able to analyze the data of the human body at rest, the results of which are similar to the medical equipment. The difference is the presence of NFC-chip, through which you can make contactless payments. But this is true only for cardholders American Express. Tracker Jawbone Up4 go on sale in the summer at a price of $ 199 (from $ 179, which asks for Jawbone Up3). Thus, the range of wearable devices from the American company now consists of models Jawbone Move, Up2, Up3 and Up4.
In making Jawbone already a lot of competitors in the market, and this month will begin selling Apple Watch, which cost a bit more, but they have a full color display and sensor measurements of cardiac activity. Yes, Apple Watch only works with the iPhone 5 and above, but those in the world there are millions. Among direct competitors Jawbone can be noted device company Fitbit, and bracelet Nike + FuelBand SE.