Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meeting with Tim Cook and two VIP-tickets for the presentation of Apple put up for online auction

Apple CEO Tim Cook put up for online auction to meet him for lunch at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, to raise funds for the Human Rights Center of the Robert F. Kennedy.

Meeting with the head of Apple put up for charity auction CharityBuzz . At the time the note was made 12 rate, the present value of the meeting with Cook - $ 37 500. Bids will be accepted for three weeks - until May 6.
This is not the first such auction. Last year, for the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with the head of Apple paid $ 330 000. In 2013, after a meeting with Apple CEO unknown gave $ 610 000. The funds went to the Center for Justice and Human Rights. Collection from the current auction will go there, to build "a just and peaceful world." To do this, the organization is working with the leaders of the movement for human rights, conducts lectures on issues of social justice and corporate responsibility.
Sale lunch and dinner with a hammer is fashionable and prestigious form of philanthropy in the United States. A pioneer in the way of "coffee charity" became a billionaire Warren Buffett, who in 2012 brought $ 3,460,000 Protestant Glide Foundation. Businessman prefers to meet with the auction winner steakhouse.
Example of the legendary financier, of course, not in steaks, and in the field of philanthropy, decided to follow not only Tim Cook, but also the head of Starbucks Howard Schultz.
Who will win the battle for a meeting with the head of Apple, is anyone's guess. But Tim Cook promises to spend on the winner from 30 minutes to an hour of his time, which in itself is not cheap, and provide two VIP-tickets for the following company presentation.