Wednesday, April 8, 2015

MODR: the world's first modular Case for smartphone

Modular smartphone by Google, Project Ara, is still at the development stage. However, the idea of ​​modularity and interchangeability of various parts of the mobile conquered not only the search giant. The company has introduced a modular MODR case that is compatible with devices running iOS and Android.

Without additional sections MODR is a plastic case with a compartment on the back side.One option modules - it is an external laptop battery, which is attached to the rear surface of the cover and connected to the iPhone via Lightning-connector. Its capacity is 3000 mAh.Also available modules that add powerful smartphone flash, SD card slot and microUSB-socket.
Developers have proposed module designed to empower the device on the part of the shooting photos and videos. With it, you can connect to smartphones interchangeable lenses. The set includes a mini-lens "fisheye" telescoping, wide-angle and allows shoot close up lens. Among other things, in a case there is a module for wireless charging, supporting standard Qi.
The plans from the manufacturer to release blocks with HDMI connector and pico-projector. On the timing of the start of sales in MODR not yet known.