Friday, April 10, 2015

On the day of the start of sales Samsung Galaxy S6 in Holland lined up for the flagship

On Friday, April 10, with the start of pre-orders for Apple Watch started official sales flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, which made ​​its debut in March at the exhibition MWC 2015. Judging from the photos thematic portal SamMobile, in Holland before the local shops lined the queue for new products .

According to the published source of images, hundreds wishing stood in line at stores T-Mobile, to become the owners of Galaxy S6. A similar situation we used to see at the start of sales of "apple" gadgets. In SamMobile argue that the queues were in other countries, where South Korean began selling handsets.
Samsung itself expects record sales of new smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.She also promised to settle the problem with the supply of the model with a curved screen, to meet the demand. The head of the company's mobile division JK Shin admitted, the first on the market there will be a shortage of Galaxy S6 edge because of low production volumes.
"Some mobile operators and retailers adjust their existing orders, wanting to get more copies of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. And it seems that the demand for this model will exceed supply this year. This means that the average selling price will fall at a slower pace, which will have a positive impact on the Samsung as a whole" - says the analyst of HMC Investment Greg Roe.
In Samsung did not mention the sales of new smartphones. But according to analysts, until the end of the year Koreans may ship 50 million Galaxy S6 and Galay S6 Edge. For comparison, according to analysts Nomura, the company sold 80 million Galaxy S3 for three years since its launch in 2012 and 43 million Galaxy S4, the output of which took place in 2013.