Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rival Apple Beats by Jay Z in danger of becoming a failure of the year

Streaming service Tidal threatens to become a failure of the year , a gift that since its launch it was not long. Significant fact: Tidal official app for the iPhone dropped from the list of 700 most popular applications in the App Store, at least in the United States.

Running the service was received very mixed: the new owner Jay Z service gathered at the launch by two dozen Hollywood stars and called them co-owners. Thus, Tidal is a service managed by musicians ... But for some reason, very often the richest. In this case, the cost of services on the Tidal significantly higher than competing services.
In addition, as it became known last week, the company fired CEO and looking for a replacement. Perhaps this will be the former consultant to the Ministry of Environment of Norway, Peter Tonstad.
The irony is that the advertising campaign Tidal, seems to have spurred the performance of major competitors - Pandora and Spotify. At least, the official application of these services for the iPhone 3 and 4 took place in sales in the United States.
Characteristically, the prospects Tidal doubted already and its co-owners, actively promote the "revolutionary" idea. Kanye West changed his avatar with the same logo on the cover of his old album and removed from Twitter all their records of Tidal. And this is considering that before he was willing to promote the business left and right, and even side by side with Jay-Z took part in a press conference during the launch.
It seems that Kanye has already put an end to the ambitious initiative of his colleagues on the shop floor and hurried to get rid of any reminders in anticipation of a possible failure of the service.