Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Smart" Case with built-in wallet New Wallet will not lose the iPhone [Video]

You put away - take a closer look. And the creators of the new cover for iPhone figured out where to put cash, credit card and driver's license, so they were always at hand. The idea is simple. They crossed Case for iPhone wallet, presenting "smart" Case New Wallet. Get products "all in one".

For design, New Wallet plays the role of a wallet and does not lose the keys. The gadget is equipped with pockets for bills, bank and other cards. Mobile wallet securely fastened to the body of the smartphone. As a result, its reverse side there is a special compartment for storing cash. Developers call ultraudobnym longitudinal accessory pocket.
In addition, the kit includes a key ring that supports Bluetooth. Together with the application for a smartphone, he plays the role of "leash". To quickly find the keys, just select the appropriate command from the application, and the keychain will respond beep. If the owner forgot my iPhone, and walked away from him for more than 10 meters, keychain will give a warning signal.
Fundraising for the release of New Wallet goes to the site Kickstarter . All developers need $ 25,000 at the moment users have collected about $ 9,000. Case compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. The first participant fundraising campaign novelty costs $ 40. Retail accessories will cost $ 60 more expensive.