Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The world's fastest keyboard Fleksy now is free

Simultaneously with the release of the update 5.4 developers keyboard Fleksy announced share with the distribution of applications for everyone. Within one week of the keyboard, which is considered to be the fastest on the platform iOS, will be distributed free of charge.

Fleksy can give odds to the majority of players in the market, not only on the operating system Android, because for successful typing here is not necessarily even get to the desired letter. Literally, taking the word of five letters and typing all five correctly, the user gets the desired result.
Algorithms keyboard accurately substituted the words that would be unimaginable-or typographical errors made by the user. Control the text very quickly can be with special gestures. If desired, you can quickly change the size of the keyboard - depending on what is more important at any given moment - more comfortable typing or more free space on the screen. Another feature of the keyboard is a system of gestures.
Update under the symbol 5.4 has brought native support for GIF-keyboard Riffsy. The company called it "the first animated keyboard for iOS 8". Users can get a ready-made set of moving images on a variety of topics.
Fleksy itself is considered the world's fastest keyboard for smartphones. Last year, the 16-year-old resident of Brazil broke the world record for speed dialing SMS-messages using Fleksy for iPhone 6. Contestants had to dial the phone in English the phrase of more than a hundred characters: "toothed piranhas of the species Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus - the most aggressive freshwater fish in the world. However, in reality they seldom attack a human. " Fernandez coped with the task in 17 seconds.
Download Fleksy Keyboard for iPhone and iPad [ link ]