Monday, April 6, 2015

Wireless remote charging Cota promises to revolutionize the autonomy of mobile devices [video]

The creators of the technology wireless charging Cota, to spend on his child 8 years old, ready to launch the development of mass production. Cota uses radio waves to transmit energy and can be charged at home, all devices simultaneously. The company expects that the first contracts for the supply of Cota they will conclude before the end of 2015.

For the first time the technology was introduced in 2013 . Cota allows you to transfer the energy of various electronic devices remotely using radio waves in the same frequency bands, which use standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For operation of the charger does not matter whether the smartphone lies on a table or in a user's pocket, which is constantly moving around the room. The main thing that this unit is within 10 meters from the transmitter power.
Transmitter power - is one of the two components technology Cota. The second component - the chipset, which should be placed in each device you want to transfer energy. This may be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, "smart" watches, smoke detector, "smart" thermostat and so on.. In the company's claim that the size of the chipset will embed it in virtually any modern device.
If the unit is equipped with an antenna Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you will be receiving energy with it.That is, for example, in the case of smartphones, tablets and laptop, no additional components, in addition to the chipset Cota, do not need to embed. In the case of the thermostat, smoke detectors, and other consumer electronics require an antenna if it is not available for construction.
"You do not have to put a transmitter of energy in every room. Put it in one place and it will transfer power to all devices in the home. It's like with Wi-Fi. If your device catches Wi-Fi, it means that energy and it gets" - quoted Hnews startup founder Hetema Zane.
Ossia engineers argue that the new technology is safe for humans - power signal emitted by the transmitter power of 10 000 times less in comparison with the Wi-Fi-router. The cost of the transmitter Cota will not exceed $ 100.