Saturday, July 11, 2020

Far Cry 6: the first official teaser with the main villain and the theory of the presence of Vaas in the game

Ubisoft reacted to a leak with information about Far Cry 6. The French publisher in the microblog franchise published the first official teaser of the game with the main villain. Meanwhile, fans have already built a theory that in the sixth part there is a young Vaas Montenegro - the cult antagonist Far Cry 3.

A fresh message appeared on the official account of the series on Twitter, which said: “Anton will be unhappy. See you Sunday at Ubisoft Forward. ” The developers attached a short video to the post with a demonstration of the Far Cry 6 antagonist performed by Giancarlo Esposito. The man’s name is Anton Castillo, and in the teaser he just lights a cigar, however, the frames shown make it possible to evaluate the character model.

According to the leak, the central villain in the sixth part will be a dictator in the fictional country of Yar. Together with his son Diego, he will try to restore former grandeur to the state, which is described as "tropical paradise stuck in the past." Anton with his teenage child is shown on a poster of Far Cry 6, which also leaked to the Web. Based on this image, fans speculated that Diego is a young Vaas Montenegro. The thing is that the antagonist of the third part and the boy have the same scar on the right eyebrow. If the theory is confirmed, then Anton’s son will surely get a lot of screen time in Far Cry 6.

Recall: in late April, actor Michael Mando, who performed Vaasa in Far Cry 3, hinted that the character would return soon. More details about the sixth of the series will be announced at the Ubisoft Forward event, which begins July 12.