Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Insider: Apple solves a long-standing problem with iPhone charging cables

Network sources have repeatedly reported a reduction in the configuration of the iPhone - it is expected that along with the new Apple smartphones, users will receive only a standard cable for charging them. However, according to a recent leak, the remaining accessory will undergo significant changes for the first time in many years - in particular, it will get rid of the annoying problem with the quality of the braid.

For many years, Apple has equipped its smartphones with a Lightning cable, drawn into a polymer sheath, which often peeled off over time, leading to a breakdown of the accessory or at least making its appearance extremely “unmarketable”.

According to Twitter insider @ L0vetodream, with the release of iPhone 12, the company will switch to a new cable model, which will finally receive a more durable braid that protects it from kinks. In addition, the type of connector for connecting to the power supply will change to USB Type-C. In support of his words, the informant published an image of a new accessory.

The announcement of the iPhone 12 line is expected in the fall of 2020, the exact date of the event has not yet been announced.