Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rumor: iPhone 12 with “poor” equipment will be more expensive than its predecessor

Following the appearance on the network of an image of a “stripped down” box of iPhone 12, one of the analysts specializing in Apple products named the estimated cost of the new line of smartphones of the American company. A smaller number of complete accessories, according to the expert, will not affect the price reduction of the gadget in any way - according to his calculations, it will even grow compared to the previous generation models.

According to rumors, Apple plans to reduce the scope of supply of the new iPhone, in the box with which buyers will find only standard documentation and a Lightning cable. According to analyst Jeff Pu, the price of the iPhone 12 can start at $ 749 - this is $ 50 more expensive than the iPhone 11, the equipment of which was traditional. The reason for increasing the cost of the device, even with savings on accessories, is expected to be the equipping of the new line with 5G modems.

The most affordable iPhone 12 is expected to get a 5.4-inch OLED display. A larger 6.1-inch version of the smartphone will also go on sale, the price of which will increase by $ 50- $ 100 compared to last year's model. Representatives of Apple did not comment on the leak, and the official price list for new items is still unknown.