Sunday, July 12, 2020

The world's first electric scooter races announced

In recent years, a lot of new entertainments have appeared for speed lovers. For example, you can drive on quadrocopters or look at the competition of unmanned electric cars. Now another newfangled competition will be more. In 2021, the first in the history of the race on high-speed electric scooters will be held.

The new series has already received the name "Electric Scooter Championship" or "eSkootr". The first competition is scheduled for next year. In the demo video, riders dressed in the style of the movie “Tron” rush at incredible speeds along a winding track, overtaking and trimming each other. There are currently no details about who will finance the new project. Also unknown are the names of the riders planning to take part in the competition.

In fact, the project raises many questions. First of all, about safety, since the electric scooter is capable of speeds up to 100 km / h, and this is associated with the risk of accidents and other unforeseen situations. The organizers say that scooters will be equipped with everything necessary for racing at such speeds.

Among the organizers is the champion of the 3rd season of Formula E Lucas di Grassi. According to him, negotiations are already underway with an unnamed company capable of creating technology for the construction of scooters. Moreover, the prototype will be ready this year. It is likely that the first time the Electric Scooter Championship will be held on the Formula E tracks, but there is no exact information about this yet.