Monday, July 20, 2020

World's first 3D printed e-bike unveiled

The electric bike is no longer surprising. There are versions with increased range, advanced characteristics, as well as real off-road monsters. Small startup Superstrata has unveiled a lightweight, carbon fiber 3D printed electric bike.

One of the key advantages of their bicycles, representatives of the Superstrata company call a new method of 3D printing, which allows you to create a bicycle using a special printer. Thanks to the carbon fiber thermoplastic composite, the entire frame is an integral component. This increases the structural strength and reduces the weight of the final product.

Superstrata reports that the frame weighs just 1.27 kilograms, while the entire bike weighs just under 11 kilograms. It is important to note that each individual copy will be created according to the wishes of the owners. So, weight, height, length of legs and arms will be taken into account. In addition, you can preset indicators of suspension stiffness and driving style: racing, street and others. Finally, the standard metal wheels can be replaced with carbon fiber, which will make the structure even lighter. The manufacturer claims that you can choose from 250 thousand different combinations. In this case, a completely finished bike will be printed for about 10 hours.

There will be two options for sale: with an electric motor and a classic model. The former will get a 250W (350W peak) motor built into the rear hub. The maximum declared speed is listed at 32 km / h. The battery lasts up to 96 kilometers, and a full charge takes 2 hours.

The base price of the electric version will be $ 3,999. The classic bike will cost $ 2,799. When choosing carbon fiber wheels, you have to pay an impressive $ 1,699 extra.