Sunday, July 27, 2014

How iPad is changing music: 5 albums released via Apple tablet

A few days ago, Sir Paul McCartney has released in the App Store reissue five of his classic albums - solo and as a group Wings - in the form of applications for iPad.
Students 'updated' disc McCartney, Ram, Band on the Run, Wings over America and McCartney II not only can recall favorite songs, but also see the archive video from rehearsals and concerts, enjoy photos and read the interview.

Ex-Beatle - is not the first musician who turned to "epplovskomu" tablet as a full creative partner. Many musicians of different generations and genres have to like interactivity, which suggests the idea of ​​a mobile application, allowing the music to complement a variety of "chips" and the opportunity to reach out to the audience, too immersed in the modern "process" to acquire the old discs or plates in store.
Forbes listed the top five albums of interest, which would not be without iPad - or that would have been quite different.

Gorillaz - The Fall (2010)

Suddenly, all firing behind ambitious Plactic Beach unobtrusive, chamber record called The Fall, the project leader and ideologist Gorillaz Damon Albarn introduced himself as her "first album, entirely created by the iPad».
Transportable tablet proved to be an ideal way to compose Albarn "on the road" during the tour. Along with live instruments and vocals, almost every track from The Fall of sound synthesizers iPad apps like Moog Filatron, Bassline and FunkBox Drum Machine. Despite the modest position in The Fall's entire discography loud pop project, critics took the plate heat - experiment with a "record in field conditions" succeeded perfectly.

The Ultramods - Underwear Party (2011)

Albarn recorded the album entirely on iPad. Pop-punk duo from The Ultramods went even further and completely brought him there - using the application GarageBand, which is known as the first of "smart" applications from Apple for composing music. Using elemental interface is easy to reduce to GarageBand, and this American duo seemed quite enough to create even a demo and a full record. Quality of it, of course, gives the album, mixing and compression which took place on the professional profile equipment.
The result, however, which has made "low-Fine" group demonstrates the capabilities of the tablet as the modern equivalent of a primitive 4-track portable studio where recorded their counterparts in the 1980s and 1990s. And start using GarageBand in the studio already "promised" many musicians "major league" like the neo-prog band Marillion.

Bjork - Biophilia (2011)

A turning point in relations between the world of music with the tablet has become a large-scale promotional campaign singer Bjork: for several months, from June to October 2011, she published the new songs from the album as Biopilia iPad-applications.
Song thus ceased to be just a song: it in each case were applied scores, videonarezkoy games, theoretical essays. Strictly speaking, the idea of ​​the album application Icelandic singer not invented: before "specially for iPhone» was leaving The National Mall electronic duo Bluebrain. But Biophilia is the first example of a world-class musician handling capabilities to applications for mobile devices. Later he also became the first application in the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art MoMA.

Luna Sea - Rouge (2012)

Representatives for sounding "western" ear direction "J-rock" of the group Luna Sea playing together since the mid-1980s, but still try to keep abreast of new trends.
In 2012, Japanese rockers have managed to attract attention as the first group, who shot video entirely on iPad. Rouge song was released as part of a double single from The End of the Dream, and later heard in advertising tires. But at the same time she, along with a promotional video, passed through "instagramovskie" retro filters, once again proved the fact that the video is below the conventional "quality bar" is now available to any group, not even having no budget left.

Forss - Ecclesia (2012)

Following Bj√∂rk turn their albums into multimedia encyclopedia name itself got into the habit and other pop stars - among others, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z. But lesser known musicians also sometimes hesitant to similar results in the end successfully, "narabatyvaya his name." Thus, in 2012 as a very budget - valued at $ 2.99 - App released his album Ecclesia electronic musician Forss (in the world - Eric Uolforss, one of the founders of the service SoundCloud).
For almost a nominal fee Ecclesia application users were able to not only listen to 40 minutes of experimental electronics, but also view the meditative visual accompaniment to "soundscapes." The original idea, of course, attracted the attention of music lovers even vaguely familiar with Uolforssa figure, and his electronic alter ego.