Thursday, April 23, 2015

Google launched its own mobile operator Project Fi

Google announced a new wireless Internet access service for smartphones. Name of the project - Project Fi. Prices for the services of a new mobile operator start at $ 20 per month with pay-per-gigabyte of data used.

Google partners in the project are the US cellular providers Sprint and T-Mobile. The new technology will connect users to the fastest available Wi-Fi networks to LTE networks or operators Sprint or T-Mobile. The user at the beginning of the reporting period, you have to choose how much data he intends to spend. If the actual flow rate was lower than planned, Google will reimburse the cost of the remainder of the package, if more - add the cost spent by data in the following account.
The basic package of services, including calls and text messaging, will cost $ 20 per month plus $ 10 for 1 GB Internet access - both in the US and abroad. The operator works in more than 120 countries, but the United States is the speed of access to the network is limited to 256 KB / s. While the service will be available only for your own smartphone - Nexus 6.
At the moment, to join the project can be only by invitation, which can be requested on Google. To connect to a network requires a special SIM-card.
Google is working on this project for the past two years. In the course of trading on Wednesday, shares rose 1.2% after the announcement of Project Fi.