Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple will consume 25% of the global amount of RAM in 2015

Apple's influence on the individual segments of the computer industry is huge. The company, which produces only a few models of mobile devices continues to be the largest consumer of memory chips, and under the orders of the major players in the market ready to modernize existing facilities and build new ones.

According to the company TrendForce, specializing in the study of the semiconductor market, it is claimed that in 2015 Apple will consume up to 25% of the total produced in the world type of memory chip DRAM. This year, the company from Cupertino has to 16.5%. This growth will not only contribute to the emergence of new devices, but also increase the amount of memory used by them. In some of them, for example, the amount of RAM will increase to 2 GB.
MacBook Pro notebooks will be equipped with memory chips type LPDDR3. Accordingly, on the background of all these trends, manufacturers will release more memory chips for mobile devices, and offer storage for both desktop and server systems will be reduced. This may cause not only deficiency, but growth rates.
Returned to Apple after attempts to move away Samsung will increase the production of memory chips for mobile devices, as well as a smooth transition to the 20-nm technology. SK Hynix for the iPhone maker has managed to become the second largest customer, purchasing memory for mobile devices. Micron at one of its plants in Hiroshima to 70-80% of the volume of production reserves for the needs of Apple. In the long term - the development of 25-nm and 20-nm technology.
In TrendForce also note that because of the abundance of demands for the release of 20-nm processors A8 company TSMC pushed the starting date of the production of many 20-nm products other customers - such as AMD and NVIDIA.