Sunday, March 29, 2015

Apple has not allowed developers to harness the power of Apple Watch, in order to reduce their energy consumption

In February, Apple warned some application developers and partners of the need to prepare for the launch of the online store App Store compatible with Apple Watch app for the iPhone.During this time, already two dozen major studios have released an update of its programs. Working with a set of WatchKit, developers are faced with a number of challenges and constraints.

It was assumed that with Apple Watch Company will repeat scheme iPhone - in 2008, third-party developers can create and distribute any software that the user can freely install on your smartphone. However, with the wearable device Apple everything was a little different.Anyway, according to insiders, who used Apple Watch. According to them, the manufacturer intentionally limits the applications for its mini-computer. There is a reason - developers do not give the possibility to use smart hours to reduce energy usage and extend its battery life.
Thus, the application does not have access to NFC, gyroscope, heart rate sensor and other sensors. In addition, Digital Crown wheel can only be used to scroll or system functions, but not for their own use of the program. Means set WatchKit developers can not implement animations that can boast of regular application. In fact, Apple allows third-party programs to interact only with the iPhone and display an image on the screen.
Furthermore, third-party developers have not have the ability to create standalone applications for Apple Watch, although Apple has promised to open this possibility in WatchKit. While all programs for hours pass all "heavy" work on the iPhone.
Partly explained by the behavior of Apple desire to simplify the use of the watch in the first stage, so that users are gradually getting used to their capabilities.
As announced at the March presentation, Apple Watch able to work 18 hours (90 checks time 90 checks notifications, 45 minutes of application and one 30-minute workout with music via Bluetooth). This means that they have to be recharged every night.
Apple has said that Apple Watch work up to 3 hours of continuous voice call, up to 6.5 hours of music playback via Bluetooth and up to 7 hours in active training with the included heart rate sensor. A mode Power Reserve and without ligament with iPhone battery life to 72 hours. To charge the battery Apple Watch from 0% to 100% will take approximately 2.5 hours.