Saturday, April 4, 2015

American TV channel apologized for what he called the head of Apple "false fanatic"

American broadcaster Fox Business Network apologized Tim Cook, because in one of the leading issues of television named the head of Apple "false fanatic". The program discussed the Law on Religious Freedom Restoration and the position of general director of Apple on this issue.

In the latest issue of «Imus in the Morning» leading Dadge MakDauel, Kohnen McShane and Bernan McGuirk discussed the conflict between the right-wing Republicans, led by Governor Mike Pence and the LGBT community. In the heat of debate McGuirk named Tim Cook "fanatic" for his calls for the authorities to veto discriminatory, in his view, the law in one of the US states.
"He sells products in Iran! - Outraged leading Fox Business Network. - He sells products in Saudi Arabia, where all executions of people with different sexual orientation!".
I must say that the Law on Religious Freedom Restoration no mention of discrimination or infringement of someone else right. He only prohibits the State to force businessmen to act against their deepest religious beliefs, including refuse to provide services to homosexuals.
Apple CEO is convinced that, in practice, the law may result in discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender people, for example, if the employer can prove that the work with the staff of homosexual contrary to his religious beliefs. Homosexuality, in particular, is considered a major sin in all Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Leading Fox Business Network said that "hypocritical" Tim Cook has no objection to the fact that in some countries, selling gadgets Apple, people can express their opinion in this way.He suggested that the head of Apple to stop selling the products of his company in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Iraq, where "not only demean women and treat them as second-class citizens, but also to execute homosexuals".
Fox Business Network - are not the only ones who publicly condemned the statement of Tim Cook. Former CEO of personal computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina called Apple executive speeches against "antigay" hypocritical laws. "The company from Cupertino does business around the world, even in countries where openly homosexual people are oppressed, but Tim Cook it did not seem much do not care" - she said.
Recall, Apple urged the government not to take a controversial bill . "Apple is open to all. We are deeply disappointed by the new law in Indiana and urge the Government of Arkansas veto it" - wrote Cook in his microblog.