Monday, April 6, 2015

Apple employees will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of Apple Watch and $ 550 - for Apple Watch Edition

On the eve of the start of pre-orders for Apple Watch CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees, in which he thanked them for their good work, and also spoke about the special conditions of the loyalty program for employees of Apple.

Cook thanked the employees who participated in the work on Apple Watch, the words "my congratulations to all those who worked hard these few years, the device could fall into the hands of users". The general director said that on Friday, April 10, to meet with the first wearable computer company will be in 400 stores branded retail Apple Store worldwide.
According to the head of the corporation, Apple employees can receive a substantial discount on the purchase of any model of Apple Watch, including the most expensive collection. So, discount versions Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport will be 50% for the models Apple Watch Edition, made of yellow or pink gold - $ 550. Use the discount will be within 90 days from Friday.
"We want you to share the joy of buying Apple Watch with our customers" - said the head of the corporation.
Of course, not without its limitations. You can use the discount only once and it will be available only to those who worked at Apple at least three months.
Cook said that in 4 days from the date of receipt of applications over 1,000 developers sent for approval in the App Store applications that are compatible with Apple Watch. Apple invited developers to participate in the creation of applications for hours on 1 April. It is time. Apple Watch will go on sale on April 24th. Prepare your WatchKit-application and submit them for approval right now!" - Said in a statement.
Apple Watch Sales will begin in the end of the month, two weeks before that, from April 10, Apple will begin taking pre-orders. The device will be one of the most expensive in its segment - at the most affordable modification it will cost $ 349, and a top price of $ 17,000.