Saturday, April 4, 2015

OnLive game streaming service closes: Sony bought 140 patents the company

The largest service OnLive, specializing in broadcast games on a variety of computing devices, ceases to operate on 30 April. This is said in a statement.

OnLive will not reimburse the cost of purchased before March 20, subscriptions, and video games. Cost consoles OnLive MicroConsole, purchased before February 1, will not be refunded. The reason for the closure was the acquisition by Sony 140 patents OnLive for use in their own service striming PlayStation Now.
OnLive gaming service was introduced in spring 2009. He provides a kind of "gameplay at a distance": using an array of Web servers, the service translates the image of heavily games via the Internet in the format of the video stream. All calculations are performed on a remote server, while the user's screen is transferred to a picture. Operation is as if the software has been installed on your computer or mobile device.
The service provides a number of useful features for users of iOS-devices. For example, a mobile app OnLive Desktop for iPad allows you to access Windows, and enjoy all the benefits of this "OSes" on plates Apple, including the launch of programs from the desktop with Microsoft Office.
In 2012, Sony bought its main competitor OnLive - Gaikai for $ 380 million. Its technology formed the basis for later service running PlayStation Now. In addition, the possibility of Gaikai have been used to improve the quality of the function Remote Play, which reduced the delay in games.