Friday, April 3, 2015

How to download the first episode of the online "Game of Thrones" for iOS

IGN has launched a service campaign with the distribution of promotional codes online for the first episode "Game of Thrones" for. The project is executed in style of interactive cinema and is available in the App Store for $ 4,99. Using promo codes you can download the game for free.

Game adaptation of the popular HBO television series devoted to the family Forrester, is mentioned in the novels of George RR Martin.
The game begins with the events referred to in the final of the third season of the television series, and covers approximately one year life characters until the beginning of the fifth season of the TV series (when compared with the books, it is about the middle of the "Dance with Dragons"). All six episodes will be released. The first part is called the "Iron ice". It involved five characters. You can play for one of the members of the family Forester.Accepted gamer solutions not only determine the fate of the hero, but also affect the other characters.
Telltale interactive game gives the opportunity to visit the family estate in Wolf's forest sell forest, home to confront Whitehill. But the main goal - not to give the family disappear because of a bloody civil war. In most saga heroes are mentioned in passing, so nothing will prevent the player to build their future.
IGN carries out the action on the distribution of promo codes for free download game series.To get the code, you need to go on this promo page IGN and click Get My Code. Then in the window that opens, click on the left promo code.