Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Infinit: elegant solution for transferring files without any restrictions for iOS, Android and PC [Video]

Operating systems iOS and OS X has a useful function AirDrop. It allows you to share files between computers Apple. AirDrop works is simple and allows you to send documents, photos, videos and other files from one Mac to another within the network of Wi-Fi. But what about those who want to use similar functionality across platforms and beyond a single access point?

The company has developed the same name Infinit application that allows you to send files of any size to ten times faster than conventional "cloud" services. In addition to high-speed data transfer solution is characterized by two important advantages: it is unlimited and completely free.
Initially, the program was available Infinit on Mac and Windows. You can use it in one click to send files of any size on any computer, even those that are in the off position. When this utility is adapted to the connection in order to achieve maximum speed. When the PC is in a local network, it is used, and when in different networks - connecting peer-to-peer. Thus, these same gigabytes, you can send many times faster than a conventional "cloud" services.
Recently Infinit available on mobile platforms, turning from the service to transfer files to a solution for data synchronization. Most cloud services have a limit on the size of the transferred data and limited storage. However, the File Transfer completely unlimited and free. To earn money in the future, the program will add additional paid features, but all the current functionality will remain completely free.
Mobile Infinit is available for devices on iOS and Android, and very easy to use. It can be used to synchronize content among its devices, and to transfer files to other people. Quickly flip files can be between almost all devices.
The client has a friendly interface. Going into the Infinit, you will see the big button in the form of a paper airplane. Need to click it and select the required files on the device - the size and number is not limited. After the program to load the e-mail addresses of friends on social networks and from the phone. Select or enter the desired address can be yourself. At the top are always displayed the address of your own devices.
If a person who is sent to a file, set Infinit, he will immediately receive push-notification and will be able to accept it. Otherwise, he will receive in the mail a link to download the file from the server.
Infinit works really quickly, thanks to peer-to-peer. Significantly faster than Dropbox and Google Drive. Transfer 2-gigabyte video by Wi-Fi have application takes about 13 minutes, whereas it requires Dropbox about 5 hours. Do not be afraid if during copying will open connection or hard disk over the place. Infinit take care of this. If you reconnect the hard drive, or release, the application will automatically continue booting.
Register for the service takes a few seconds - the service works immediately after specifying the account settings and does not require confirmation.
Infinit you can download for free on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.