Thursday, April 16, 2015

iPhone 6 by Gresso: new collection in titanium [video]

Manufacturer phones and accessories Luxury Gresso announced a new collection of iPhone 6 by Gresso. This Limited Edition smartphones, which is used in the finishing of titanium grade 5, and 18-karat gold.

Monolithic body by Gresso iPhone 6 is made of solid titanium plate, which is widely used in the aerospace industry. Production of each body lasts 8 hours on high-tech equipment. Due to the special design creates an additional protection system and increases resistance to bending and mechanical damage. Finishing the body takes 3 hours and is performed manually by directional grinding.
Rich and deep black color of the case by Gresso iPhone 6 is achieved by using PVD-technology. PVD-coating has high strength and is widely used in jewelry and watchmaking.Logo on the rear panel can be made of titanium, 18-carat white or yellow gold.
Number issued by Gresso iPhone 6 will be limited to 999 copies. Individual number engraved on the device insert of 18-karat gold or titanium, polished by hand and on the back of the smartphone. Buyers official online store manufacturer provides a service for the choice of the individual number of the machine.
In a series of iPhone 6 by Gresso presented three models : G1 with 64 GB of memory in titanium and titanium insert, G2 with an insert made ​​of white gold and black PVD-coated and the memory of 128 GB and G3 with an insert made ​​of yellow gold with 128 GB.