Friday, April 3, 2015

New update Evernote for iOS with the auto mode and built-in photo editor

Evernote has released a new version of the official client for iPhone and iPad, which works better with the camera of mobile devices. All the details later in this article.

The camera in the application Evernote 7.7 has received a number of new features, including auto shooting, support for business cards and a built-in image editor.
Evernote now own camera detects and removes various types of securities: business cards, documents, sticky note paper Post-it and receipts. Suffice it to point the camera device to the desired paper: The application will detect the edges and the type of document, and then scan the image. Moreover, Evernote has put the captured images in the selected bookmark.Do not need to press anything, scroll or search.
Before you save a snapshot, you can use the tools Evernote, to rotate or crop the image, and change the document type.
In addition Evernote finds when scanning a business card and automatically expand a note with further information contact profile LinkedIn (for this you need to connect your LinkedIn account to your account Evernote). Straight from the new note, you can send a new friend your contact information by e-mail, and to establish contact with him on LinkedIn. Function scanning business cards is only available for users Evernote Premium.
The developers kept the manual shooting mode for taking pictures of other objects that may be useful in the future.
In addition, the update retains all the settings that the user has asked for notes Post-It Notes of a particular color. Now simply take a picture of an adhesive sheet with records, and the picture will automatically be placed in the selected memo pad Post-it Notes and will be processed in accordance with the task that people set for the color of the paper in the settings.
Another improvement concerns the interface. Now you can switch between shooting mode and a gallery of photos to quickly add images to notes. The user has the opportunity to start a new conversation Work Chat directly from the home screen of the application.
Download Evernote for iPhone and iPad can be free on this page .