Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Presented a concept electric vehicle Apple Car with reserve of 1,000 km

It is known that Apple is preparing something very innovative and top-secret under the name Project Titan. And according to rumors, it is an electric autonomous robotic car with a body of a minivan. They even know who exactly does this car, and the total number of employees involved in the project, according to various sources is from 100 to 1000 people.

Apple has long tipped automotive future, and projects on the topic iCar abound. New concept "apple" of the car from Aristomenis Tsirbasa won the contest «Create a design for the rumored Apple Electric Car» portal Freelancer. Over the three-dimensional model Apple Car designer from Los Angeles received $ 1,500.
Car specifications are not specified, but the author of the concept noted that the interior of the machine packed with a variety of advanced technologies, and operate a vehicle can be directly with the iPhone. Electric car will be able to overcome the distance of a thousand kilometers without refueling, and fully charge the battery Apple Car takes only a few hours.

Not so long ago, in Cupertino have completed preparation of all necessary for the production of cars legal procedures, and engineers already absorbed the creation of your own vehicle to go electric. Many experts believe that the iCar can seriously compete with world famous automobile brands in the face of Tesla, Ford and BMW.
According to reports, Apple plans to release its own electric vehicle comes closer to 2020. An application for the creation of a 5-year car is loud enough, taking into account the fact that the company had never been engaged in this direction.