Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sony will invest $ 376 million to expand production of camera sensors for iPhone

Sony until the end of the financial year to invest $ 376 million to build the release sensor cameras smartphones, including the iPhone. Thus, the Japanese manufacturer concentrates resources on the direction which has become one of the key after the loss of positions in the markets of television and mobile devices.

During the optimization of the organizational structure, Sony has already been forced to stop issuing laptops and devices for reading electronic books, as well as to give a relative autonomy unit for the production of TV panels. Called into question the future of business for the production of smart phones, but so far the company is not ready to admit it openly. In the next three years, Sony intends to increase operating profit, and it will have to focus on profitable business.
Now the company is a Japanese corporation monthly production of about 60,000 silicon wafers with the camera's sensor. By September of the following year performance is expected to grow to 87,000 wafers per month, which will better meet the needs of manufacturers of smartphones. Intermediate goal is to increase performance up to 80,000 wafers per month by the end of June 2016.
To achieve this goal is planned to expand production at three enterprises Sony, located in Japan. In February it was announced that the company will invest in the production of image sensors nearly $ 900 million.
In the next three years, Sony expects a 25 fold increase in operating profit, with a focus on profitable areas of activity, such as the release of the camera's sensor, and getting rid of the non-profit, such as the production of television sets.