Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Strap with battery Wipowerband extend the life of Apple Watch

April 24 will start selling "smart" watches Apple Watch. The main complaints from the first users is modest runtime device - an average operating conditions gadget will not last more than a day. To increase the autonomy of the smart accessory independent developers have created a spare strap Wipowerband - optional flexible battery that will provide charging Apple Watch while wearing. In fact, this external battery for "apple" watches.

The creators of the blockbuster "smart" watches Apple Watch ensure that the gadget will be able to work at least 18 hours on a single charge. However, a major role is played by the intensity of the work with the device. Additional battery for Apple Watch definitely not hurt nor this watch, nor any of their competitors.
In strap Wipowerband posted lithium-polymer sections with inductive charger. The total capacity of the battery is 250 mAh. Accessory itself works like a "new wall charger for MagSafe Apple Watch".
The strap has a polypropylene base and silicone coating. At the same time, there are fears that Wipowerband may interfere work of biometric sensors Apple Watch, which requires contact with the wearer's skin to activate the service, Apple Pay and data collection. "Due to the fact that we have not had the opportunity to test with the real device, now it is difficult to say whether we can prevent interference with sensors on the rear surface of the body" - noted developers cover.
Wipowerband sells for $ 89 and $ 99 for the version with 38-mm and 42-mm housing, respectively. Device is available in five colors - blue, red, pink, black and green. Leave a pre-order on the official website of the product.