Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Developers named Apple Swift his favorite programming language

Swift programming language is the most favorite among developers, according to a survey conducted at the largest site for programmers Stackoverflow. Apple product has proven itself as a quick and easy way to create applications for "apple" technology.

On Stackoverflow published results of a survey of site visitors programmers. The vast majority of respondents believe the programming language Apple his favorite. Vote for it 77.6% of the respondents. Behind him with a slight lag is C ++ with an index of 75.6%. In third place Rust, its result of 73.8%.
Apple positions Swift as a powerful programming language for platforms iOS and OS X. In the future it may replace the Objective-C, which, incidentally, is located on the twelfth line rating Stackoverflow.
After Apple introduced the Swift, he never ceases to be a subject of active discussion forums for developers. Learn it, you can use the official leadership and Apple blog , which publishes the latest news, articles and manuals for interested developers. Learn about the Swift can and those who do not speak English. 
It is worth noting that as its primary fluid Stackoverflow programmers often use Windows 7 (33.8%) and Mac (21,5%). And it's amazing: the whole market Apple computers occupy about 5%, but among professionals share four times higher.