Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The next generation iPhone may be produced in India

It's no secret that India becomes a smartphone manufacturers "second China". In terms of population, this country is almost close to China, but in India there is no such a colossal amount of various local producers who fill the market of cheap products.

Naturally, to ensure competitive prices for their products are best to build its own factory in the country. At least for those companies that can allocate the funds.
According to the Economic Times, the main collector of electronic equipment for the world's leading vendors Foxconn plans to build in India three new plants that will produce smartphones. Apparently, in this case, the objects will be visible through the support of the government. At the moment, the project is under discussion, so that the start date of construction is unknown.
Last year, Microsoft and Nokia if you make a deal with the problems faced in India, where the government has put up tax claims to the Finnish plant in Chennai. As a result, it was decided to leave the factory owned by Nokia, which later sold them to Foxconn. Last, reportedly ready to invest in India to $ 2 billion.
Production capacity contracted provider Apple should appear in the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. So for the next generation iPhone could pose «Design in California Assembled in India».