Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The release of Mortal Kombat X for iPhone and iPad

In the App Store debuted the long-awaited fighting game Mortal Kombat X - a week before appearing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Mobile gamers to join the confrontation of two worlds who fight for life and death.
Состоялся релиз Mortal Kombat X для iPhone и iPad

NetherRealm Studio and the company Warner Bros. not only came up with a new story of the universe and resurrected some of the characters, but also added a brand new, who are descendants of the old heroes. These included Cassie Cage, Takashi Takeda, Jacqueline Briggs and Kung Chin, who are descendants of Sonia and John Cage, Kenshi, Kung Lao and Jax, respectively.
Mortal Kombat fighting game cycle exists since 1992. Violence show it in the traditional manner hypertrophied. Mortal Kombat X creators have promised to make "the most brutal."Every character has different styles of combat, determined should be offered at the beginning of the match.
Features Mortal Kombat X for iPhone and iPad:
  • Fierce battle 3 of 3
Create and drop into battle his own team of fighters Mortal Kombat to get experience, new special moves and powerful artifacts.
  • Choose from a variety of fighters
Gather together veterans Mortal Kombat, such as Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermak and many others. Also, you are waiting for new characters Mortal Kombat: insect Di'Vora, passionate Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Kang Jin Kun and mysterious.
  • FABULOUS X-ray and fatalities
Branded fatalities and X-ray MORTAL KOMBAT X now on mobile platforms - these stunning techniques will not leave you indifferent.
  • Challenge other players
Fight against other players in the War factions online play mode, where the battle take place between the teams. Improve your rank on the leader of his faction and get weekly prizes.
  • The prize in the battle ALLIES
Look for allies for battle. Select a fighter and inflicted a crushing blow to your opponents.
  • UNLOCK award as the console, and mobile versions of the game
Play and unlock special awards for the console version of MORTAL KOMBAT X, including the rarest characters - such as Classical Kitana and Scorpion from Injustice. Playing in the console version of the game, you unlock prizes and the mobile version.
In Mortal Kombat X back in the game "brutality" - a total of more than 100 options. In contrast to the "fatality", a new fighting game, gamers will not have to make a long series of blows to look at the aggressive self-mutilation. The use of "brutality" in the MKX does not confer any advantage over the enemy and increases the damage: this is just a spectacular final battle.
Download Mortal Kombat X for iPhone and iPad can be free at this link .