Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Freedom, equality and robots. The authors of one of the best RPGs of 2019 announced a new game

As promised a few days ago, the Spiders studio, in which the authors of the excellent role-playing game Greedfall work, presented its next title. The novelty was called Steelrising, and its action will unfold in a very original scenery. The Great French Revolution and robots - it would seem, more incompatible things and difficult to come up with.

That's right: the history of Steelrising will unfold in the 18th century, during the time of the French Revolution. However, the game will not be completely historical (by itself), because robots already exist in this version of the world. Gamers will just manage one of these, guarding the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. Together they will have to defeat Louis XVI and his army of automatons.

The developers promise that Steelrising is done with more emphasis on action than previous studio creations could not boast of. In addition, in the exploration of the world there will be elements of vertical gameplay, and on the night streets of Paris it is not necessary to roam the streets - the hero may well climb onto the roof or balcony. Not like in AC Unity, of course, but not bad either.

Unfortunately, the release date for the promising Steelrising has not yet been revealed. The game will definitely be released on the PC - and most likely will visit the current consoles. However, so far only personal computers appear in the list of declared platforms.