Saturday, July 11, 2020

Smart bracelet for Apple Watch allows you to manage your watch without touching

Apple is constantly coming up with new uses for its smartwatch. With their help, you can pay for the goods, measure the heartbeat and ECG, call a taxi and much more. But in all cases, the user needs to directly contact the device, which is not always convenient. The creators of the smart band Mudra Band offer to control the Apple Watch in a completely new way.

To manage calls, shoots, and many other features of the Apple Watch, you need to touch the display. But if the second hand is busy, it can be difficult to do. The Mudra Band strap allows you to interact with the watch using finger and palm movements of the hand on which they are worn. For example, you can unlock the screen, accept or reject a call, set a timer, and even play games. In fact, using gestures, it’s easy to perform any operation, having learned the necessary actions for this.

“When you intend to move your finger, the electrodes in the bracelet capture the nerve signals sent by the brain through the wrist to the fingers. Our patented SNC sensors capture these signals, while AI deep learning algorithms decipher their structure and classify which finger moves. Finally, we attach each signal template to the control functions on the Apple Watch, ”say the creators of the smart bracelet.

At the moment, there is a fundraising for the release of the device at the Indiegogo site. The minimum cost, taking into account a 44 percent discount for first buyers, is $ 139. Shipment of the Mudra Band is scheduled for December this year.