Friday, September 26, 2014

10 things you don't do with an iPhone 6 [Video]

What did not make for the sake of art, that just does not bring him a sacrifice. There are people who are willing to raskurochit "apple" gadgets to remove frames that can break the hearts of fans of Apple. If you decide to break free from the power of iPhone, we offer to evaluate a selection of 10 most bizarre ways to destroy their once favorite gadget.

Treat the process with humor and do not forget about safety.
1. Do not bend

2. Do not put in a blender

3. Do not test the strength of the hammer

4. Do not use a high-caliber rifle

5. Do not charge in a microwave

6. Do not freeze in liquid nitrogen

7. Do not immerse in water

8. Keep away from fire

9. Do not drop

10. Do not drop from a height of 3 km