Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fat Alien Pro - Alien from your plate

"Perfect press is in the kitchen" - says the old statement, and you can not argue with it - it really is. Even in our time, when fitness techniques have become extremely diverse, and the human mind came up with a bunch of varieties simulators important in creating a beautiful body - correct, balanced diet. So if you're a second year torment yourself on the treadmill, and the reflection in the mirror is still not happy, read our review of Fat Alien Pro .

The program is designed primarily for those who are ready for a watch with regard to food - but need a little adjusting. Originally Fat Alien Pro asks how old you are and how much you weigh; a sports fanatic and what you want out of life - to lose weight or gain weight. By counting the answers, the application will write how much you need to consume calories a day - and the fun begins.
On the calendar substrate you fill your breakfast, lunch and dinner - Fat Alien Pro will write how many calories in a particular food. Database giant, there is even sportpit - if you always wanted to know how much protein in protein, will explain (very much). After all shall describe, indicators are summarized - in the end will most likely unreal amount of calories and wild skewed towards fat.
Yes, the program calculates and it too - how many have used protein, fats and carbohydrates. Considers as a percentage - quite handy watch dial you the right amount of protein per day; whether enough carbohydrates.
Among other advantages Fat Alien Pro: does not require Internet, takes up little space, and also boasts a true symbol - a little alien, who leads you by the hand to a beautiful figure. The last point of such a program is not strictly necessary, but it's nice - just assotsiiruesh application with something tangible.
The problem Fat Alien Pro has one, but decent - not everyone will faithfully fill in the diet.Maybe trite lazy, and can chase the positive statistics and fateful trip to the Burger King to ignore - there was, they say. This is certainly not the fault of the developers - but still a shame that the application can be so deceiving.
Worth Fat Alien Pro $ 3.99 and someone may seem like a lot. Actually, no - a little application functions, but this is the case when there is a cut off all unnecessary - and you get the ideal program for a specific group of people. And as long fitness became fashionable, the circle of people - quite extensive. And they Fat Alien Pro exactly like it.