Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple added a section in the App Store with applications for health monitoring

After the release of the update iOS 8.0.2 in the App Store began to appear applications integrated with the standard application health. Mobile programs, based on the platform HealthKit, joined in a separate category online catalog "Application for Health."

Platform HealthKit, integrated into the new operating system, provides a collection of various sources of data on the user's vital signs, including pulse, blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar, the amount of steps you've walked and calories burned, and then provide recommendations for treatment and maintenance of health.
Applications collect and process the different health information and share these data with other programs. For example Human - Activity & Calorie Tracker analyzes physical Activity and calories burned, Motion 24/7 monitors quality of sleep, and Carrot Fit offers a 7-minute fitness classes to combat obesity.
Recall that with the release of iOS 8.0 platform HealthKit crept error . Because of it, third-party developers will not be able to connect to the new service Apple. Following the discovery of the bug company to temporarily remove the new application from the App Store. IOS 8.0.2 update fixed the incorrect work HealthKit.
The release of iOS 8.0.2 was held last Friday. In addition to the recovery of functions HealthKit update corrected the onscreen keyboard, as well as to correct the problem which prevented uploading photos and videos from the browser Safari.