Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple lost a billion-dollar contract with American schools to supply iPad

Manufacturer of computer technology Apple and education company Pearson were excluded from participation in the contract for the supply of textbooks and tablet PCs iPad in American schools.

Companies were required to provide textbooks and computers 40,000 students in Los Angeles for a total of $ 1 billion.
Cause of termination of steel contacts representatives of companies with the authorities during the competition for the supply of last summer.
According to the report of the Los Angeles unified educational district officials had regular contact with the heads of firms long before they got the contract. They can not suspect foul play, but in the neighborhood were afraid that officials communicate with participants will be perceived as a conflict of interest. In this case, for the companies left the right to participate in future tenders.
The investigation began in the educational district of fears that the allocated budget may not cover the project.