Sunday, September 28, 2014

Application Manual for iOS 8 gives complete control over the camera [video]

IPhone camera from year to year is getting better, but it still lacks some properties more serious camera, for example, the manual mode. In iOS 8, Apple has implemented a large number of functions related to the management of the camera and set the shooting. In particular, third-party applications can now control focus, shutter speed and ISO.

Manual does not just use the camera manual settings provided by iOS 8, but actually focuses on them all the attention of the user interface. Simple application, it is not engaged in the processing of the image, there are no filters, special modes. There is no video. Instead, we have a simple interface that lets you control the camera - exposure parameters, white balance, flash, focus.
The Big Red Button - shutter. Slightly higher values ​​or the ISO and shutter speed. Touching one of them - and set the desired value a simple swipe of a finger. Aperture is also shown, however, because the lens iPhone, like other smartphones, has a fixed aperture, this value can not be changed.
There is a small setup menu, where you can turn the grid framing (squares or thirds), select a shutter sound, the UI scheme (light or dark). There is a live histogram, which gives the basic idea of ​​the distribution of brightness in the scene being recorded, and the ability to view data EXIF.

The application is designed with an obvious emphasis on manual control, but you can turn on and Auto mode, in which the metering linked to focusing point, as in the standard application iPhone. Manual application costs $ 1,99 and demands for iOS 8.