Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple Watch may be on sale 14 February

Apple plans to begin selling "smart" watches Apple Watch for February 14 - Valentine's Day. It is reported with reference to The Information Officer of the company, who wished to remain anonymous. Previously, the exact date of launch novelty was not known.

According to the newspaper, one of the workers in the hearts of Apple said that customers will be lucky if the first batch of smart-watches will be shipped on the 14th of February. Official confirmation of this message could not be obtained.
Meanwhile, there is a "lucky", which now can be seen strolling in Cupertino Watch on hand. It is reported by many users of Twitter. There is no doubt that the "lucky" are employees of Apple, which has quite a lot in Cupertino, since here the headquarters of the company.
User @rohitjenveja, in particular, reported that several employees noticed the Apple Watch Sport Edition and the iPhone 6 Plus. And another user under the namenatechiger wrote about what they saw an Apple employee with a gold version of the Watch, which, according to preliminary data, will receive the price within a few thousand dollars.
Many people had hoped to see "smart" watch on the shop windows in the coming Christmas holidays. However, Apple delayed the start of sales at the beginning of next year because of the desire to improve the gadget - in particular, to further develop and expand the interface capabilities of the device.