Sunday, September 28, 2014

Because of the Australian who played on the iPad, evacuated the airport in Sydney

A passenger in the Australian airport so carried away by his iPad, which has managed to get past the checkpoint without inspection. As a result, security officers evacuated the whole airport.

The Australian is now a long time will not take the gadgets in your hands. Because of his love for mobile games in Sydney for an hour were canceled all flights.
The incident occurred at the control checkpoint domestic flights. Man so started playing on the iPad, it managed to enter the terminal, serving domestic flights of the country's largest airline Qantas, without any verification. Airport security through surveillance cameras noticed something was wrong and announced the emergency evacuation of passengers.
"The man carried away by his iPad and did not pay attention to where he was going," - said the representative of the company.
She also noted that, after all the passengers were moved outside the terminal, they began again to let him in, carrying a check of people and their carry-on baggage. It is reported that the delay lasted about an hour.
Evacuated passengers at Sydney airport after reports of a security breach; Flights canceled.