Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bracelet Nymi turn your heart rate in your password

Canadian startup Bionym opened pre-order the bracelet Nymi, which allows the use of a person's pulse as a unique password for access to personal information or make a payment by credit card. The creators claim that a person's pulse has a number of unique parameters, whose calculation and comparison of the current pulse with a reference in the future makes it possible to use this option of the human body in the same secure password, as well as a fingerprint or iris pattern.
Браслет Nymi превратит ваш пульс в пароль

The bracelet has a special sensor that detects heart rate while putting it on your wrist. To complete the circuit necessary to put a finger to the metal plate on the surface Nymi and bracelet, synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth, send the necessary data. At the moment there is a software platform for Android and iOS, but in the future the creators plan to release an application for Windows Phone. In addition, developers will be available to package the SDK tools to implement their own ideas using Nymi. It is possible that the bracelet will be used as a fitness tracker: in addition to pulse sensor, installed in it a gyroscope and accelerometer, greatly extending its capabilities.
Браслет Nymi превратит ваш пульс в пароль
The first 25 000 people who have time to pre-order, get Nymi priced at $ 79, and the bracelet will go on sale this fall for $ 99 already.