Monday, September 29, 2014

Card game Hearthstone recreated in reality

Hearthstone is an incredibly popular collectible card game from Blizzard in the universe World of Warcraft. In contrast to many analogues, Hearthstone has no physical version and is only available on personal computers and tablet iPad. 
Карточная игра Hearthstone воссоздана в реальности

The interesting news is that China is still a physical version was created Hearthstone, which looks just like a digital original. To show the scale of the health of the player and his summoned creatures are special counters, and the rest of the desktop version does not differ from the original.
Карточная игра Hearthstone воссоздана в реальности
The cost of the desktop version of Hearthstone in China is $ 50. For the money you get to recreate the playing field and a deck of cards.It should be noted that this version of Hearthstone has nothing to do with Blizzard, and it is not known how the American company would react to a similar announcement.
Recall that now the team is actively Hearthstone development version of the game for Android-powered devices.