Friday, September 26, 2014

Finnish Apple fans put up a fight for the iPhone 4 [Video]

In Finland, a sudden stir among users called iPhone 4. Buyers of one of the stores put up a fight because of Apple's smartphone lineup in 2010 and settled down only after the arrival of the police.

Finnish retailer Verkkokauppa announced the sale is in use the iPhone 4 for 99 euros. Buyers are attracted unprecedented low price, crowded around the shop doorway and almost tried to take it by storm. By the 9 am near the point of sale were about a hundred people, and the party received the store, there were only 50 smartphones.
Conflict entered an active phase, when one of the buyers tried to take a turn to his father.Security tried to restore order, but the fight has already begun. Manual store was forced to call the police.
As shown by this case, even the old model of "apple" phones are still popular. Meanwhile, sales of the latest release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, break records: in just three days has sold over 10 million copies.