Friday, September 26, 2014

Casio introduced a "smart" watches Edifice for iOS and Android

At BaselWorld 2014 in Switzerland, Casio introduced a new "smart" watch - Edifice EQB-500.From other models of the family novelty features a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module and chip LSI ML7105 with minimal energy consumption.

Watches include features that have become the hallmark of the series. They are connected with mobile devices to perform a variety of tasks, such as notification of incoming calls, for alarm and other vibration signals. Edifice also automatically adjust to the time zone of any city, thanks to sync with iPhone.
Unlike older models in the series Edifice EQB-500 is reduced by almost a third the size of mechanisms. Implementation of the technology Casio Multi-Mission Drive allows each arrow hours responsible for several functions (analog system mechanism designed for high-impact series, in which the arrows moving independent motors). Tough Solar technology allows you to charge the model from any light source, up to a table lamp, which will extend the life of the internal battery.
Options for interaction with Edifice EQB-500 with mobile devices:
  • using an internal dial and a special mobile application, you can set the time in one of the 300 available cities on the list;
  • clock will automatically switch to the home time zone when traveling to another country;
  • Service and other functions of the clock can be customized with your smartphone;
  • available choice of units for measuring distance in stopwatch mode speed;
  • stopwatch information can be transferred to your phone for a more detailed study or analysis capabilities;
  • alarm call smartphone using the clock (if you accidentally forgot where iPhone);
  • opportunity to check out the new e-mail notifications.
Final prices have not yet named, but according to preliminary estimates Edifice EQB-500 will cost $ 500.