Monday, September 29, 2014

Google hinted at the official name of Android L

At this year's developer conference I/O 2014 Google has decided to pre-show to the world its new version of the operating system Android, but the company has not said what the name after the release of the firmware will get. 
Google намекнула на официальное название Android L

At the moment, the next version of Android has the code name "L", but the web from time to time there are rumors of a possible official name of the platform. Among the possible names Android L can distinguish Lemon Meringue Pie and Lion . Eventually, however, the new version of Android can get a completely different name, what we hinted the company Google.
Google намекнула на официальное название Android L
A few days ago Google celebrated its 16th anniversary and in honor of the published image celebratory cake. Unusual is that the cake is covered with sugar candies (Lollipop), and the image is accompanied by the words "Ok Google, why do we decorate a birthday cake with candles?". Surely you know about love Google for sweets, since all versions of Android, starting with the first, named after different chocolates, cakes, pies and other sweets. So it is likely that the next version of Android will be called Lollipop.