Saturday, September 27, 2014

How does changed Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook

After the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, his office on the campus of the California Cupertino remained intact. "It seemed to me that it is right - says the current Apple CEO Tim Cook - Steve's office". But the rest of the company has undergone significant changes. Recently, it has introduced new iPhone, which has already broken records of sales in the first few days of release. That night, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were sold in Russian stores. The Village offers a look at what is happening in the California-based company, which produces the most popular in the world of gadgets.

New device company

When Cook became the director, the whole company was divided into not related to each other departments: the developers of gadgets and programs, marketers and financiers were sitting alone, almost without exchanging information. They did not have to do it, because the product is entirely imagined himself to Jobs. But after his death, the decentralized model began to falter. In the first months, no one had the authority to manage the entire company - the team fought each other for power.
At the end of the first year of Cook fired Forstalla Scott, one of the trusted men Jobs, who has been developing software for the iPad and iPhone, as well as responsible for the services Apple Maps and Siri. Cook immediately explained the company's management will look like its new structure. Chief designer Jonathan Ive became responsible for the development of the operating system iOS, and mobile development was entrusted to senior vice president Craig Federighi.
As a result of the company come to grips with the development of technology, bringing together all devices are user. In the new iPhone 6 and 8 of iOS and Mac OS X Yosemite is a function of Continuity, allowing, for example, start writing a letter on a Mac, to continue on the iPhone and send it to the iPad or even the latest products - hours Apple Watch. "We would never do have under the old system of management" - says Cook.

New gadget

After the death of visionary Steve Jobs many said that Apple will be difficult to find new ideas for gadgets. Due to investor concern the lack of new products last summer the company's shares fell 40%. Around the same time, the media began to circulate rumors about the development of smart hours.
And in mid-September, Cook presented watch Apple Watch. Manage them by using the voice assistant Siri, or the crown in the sidebar. They have a Facebook app and Twitter. In addition, the user can use the clock as a fitness tracker. At Gadget appeared immediately critics who believe the interface is not enough comfortable and do not see any reason to use hours instead of a smartphone, especially since they are from $ 349 - more expensive than the new iPhone 6 with the contract operator.
But, according to Cook, the clock will help people improve their quality of life with the ability to control home appliances, gadgets and online communication. "I think this is the beginning of a long journey," - he says.

New people

Recently, the company has been actively hiring managers from outside. In the company came Commercial Director watchmaker Tag Heuer Patrick Prunier, a former director of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneuve and former head of Burberry Angela Arends.
The reason is not only the need to find new ways to watch sales from Apple, but his desire to Cook unite people of different views within the company. According to a partner of the largest shareholder of Apple BlackRock Susan Wagner Cook, "focused on finding different people, they bring with them new experiences, knowledge and perspectives".
According to one of the new employees Jimmy Ayovina, Cook can easily admit that they need help in any case, take it up and around to understand.

New purchases

In May, the team Apple also joined the famous rapper and producer Dr. Dre. Corporation bought his company for production of headphones Beats Electronics for $ 3 billion - it was the largest acquisition in the history of Apple.
Since the beginning of the reign of the Cook company has made a lot of purchases. In April, he said that over the past year and a half has bought 24 companies, while in 2009 there were only two transactions. Acquisitions need companies to improve their products. For example, purchased in 2013 and startups Locationary were designed to improve the mapping service Apple, for which the users have a lot of questions. The fingerprint authentication technology purchased in 2012, the company AuthenTec has been used in the iPhone 5S.
At the same time, unlike other technology giants market, Apple chooses not to spend too much. Since the days of Steve Jobs, the company employs a native of Goldman Sachs Adrian Perica. He is one of the main negotiators of the corporation. The culmination of his career was the very 3-billionth transaction Beats Electronics. Then corporations are able to achieve $ 200 million.

The new campus

The project is a huge bublikoobraznogo kapmusa company in Cupertino has approved more Jobs. However, it was Cook had to take the implementation of the projects of the architect Norman Foster. The construction budget is about $ 5 billion plan to finish construction by 2016.
The building will accommodate 13,000 employees. Will be planted around 7000 trees, dug a pond and pave bike paths. The roofs of the campus will cover solar panels for energy generation and reservoirs to collect rainwater. So now, in response to the attacks of environmentalists, Cook said that the building is the green building on the planet.
A characteristic feature: the campus dining 3 000 will be paid. Such a rule introduced another Jobs, Cook and his left unchanged - employees still pay for all services in the headquarters.Free local dining dealt only apples.