Monday, September 29, 2014

iMac with Retina display will be released in October, along with OS X Yosemite

Release of a new monoblock iMac, equipped with ultra-sharp display Retina, scheduled for the end of this year. It is reported by 9to5Mac, citing sources close to the progress of development of the computer. The official announcement of new items can be held in October, at the same time with the release of the platform OS X Yosemite.

According to informed sources, the emergence of the new iMac should be expected in the near future, the screen size of the model is 27 inches. According to some reports, a resolution of candy bars will be at 6400 x 3600, 5760 × 3240, 5120 x 2880 or 4096 × 2304 pixels.
More information about the new iMac Retina unavailable. But if Apple really release a candy bar with such a high resolution, it is, by definition, can not cost cheaply. The publication, in particular, noted that the average price of 28-inch Ultra HD as of August 2014 was $ 630.
At the moment, as reported, Apple is preparing an update for the software packages iMovie and Final Cut Pro to support new screen iMac. Model with Retina display extend the series of monoblock Apple along with the regular version. Among other hardware features of new products marked improved processor and antenna Wi-Fi.
According to observers, the emergence of new models of iMac will give impetus to a new wave of demand for Ultra HD-products on the market. Following the start of sales in August, 28-inch Ultra HD-monitors will expand its range in the next resolution monitors Ultra HD, offering new models of various sizes.
It should be noted that the release of iMac with Retina-display say the first year. And in June, in one of the beta versions of the new operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite were found mention of monoblocks iMac with high-resolution screen. In the meantime, Retina-screen equipped only with MacBook Pro notebooks and mobile devices Apple.