Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus vs BMW: the strength test [video]

Number of haters "apple" gadgets huge. They maim and kurochat iPhone , destroy them in a blender, shot from the high-precision weapons, burn termosmesyu. Particularly resourceful leader, known online as TechRax, decided to put the new iPhone 6 Plus under the wheel of the car. They say, to see what would happen.

The plot called "iPhone 6 Plus vs BMW: a test of strength" was a success. Despite initial fears planshetofon Apple's successfully passed the test. The gadget was quite strong and passed the test without damage, although in the process a few times could be heard crackling, and it seemed that the screen of the smartphone, you can say goodbye.
Particularly impressive shooting with front camera iPhone, for which a two-ton vehicle rolled wheel.