Monday, September 29, 2014

Microsoft will make Windows 9 free for Windows 8 users

Microsoft will make Windows 9 free for users current OSes Windows 8. Told employee Indonesian divisions of the corporation. Such a move is likely to help the corporation to keep up with Apple and attract users to the new platform-conservatives still prefer to use the old version of the OS.

Microsoft can go on a risky step to bolster its user base: to give adherents of "WINDOWS" free upgrade to the next version, known as Windows 9. more users will use the products Microsoft, the easier it will be to resist the ever-increasing competition, observers say .
If we consider the sector operating systems, the transition to a free software update is a trend, says the head of digital content J'son & Partners Robert Meliqsetyan. Previously, such a scheme started using Apple's OS X. If used for each major upgrade of the operating system users should have to pay, since 10.9 Mavericks platform has become free.
Free upgrade operating systems - is not a new idea, but different developers implement it differently. "Free upgrade offers Apple, about Linux and say nothing. Probably, Microsoft is trying to keep up with market changes and shift the focus to other monetization services" - suggest to J'son & Partners.
The official presentation of the new version of Windows will be held on Tuesday, September 30th.