Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jonathan Ive is flying on a private jet Steve Jobs

Due to the rapid development of business Apple, heads of major corporations need to make frequent business trips to various other countries. Apple chief industrial designer Jonathan Ive prefers to use a private airliner. And, as it turned out, Ive flying on a plane late Steve Jobs.

The fact that Apple's chief designer enjoys the business jet, told the website Business Week.According to the newspaper, 15-seater Gulfstream V Jonathan Ive bought from the widow of the founder of the California-based corporation Laurene Powell, who had made him a good discount. According to the designer, it is much more convenient, more comfortable and faster than flying scheduled flights, although a bit more expensive.
Publication of technical specifications Gulfstream V:
  • Maximum range - 10 742 km
  • Maximum altitude - 15,550 m
  • Cruising speed - 850 km / h
  • Length - 29.4 m
  • Height - 7.9 m
  • Wingspan - 28.5 m
  • Cost - about 9 million pounds
The twin-engine Gulfstream V Quince has side number N2N. Top-manager wanted to Federal Aviation Administration United States concealed identity, but the department did not get to meet him.