Friday, September 26, 2014

LG spoiled the joke about "bending" iPhone 6 Plus, sending a tweet with the iPhone

Apple's competitors have not missed a moment to pry the company, which recently faced a number of problems. Along with the iOS 8.0.1 update back online filled with jokes regarding bendy iPhone 6 Plus.

Smartphone maker LG could not stay away. The official twitter-blog mobile unit of an image of the communicator LG G Flex with a curved display. The photo is accompanied by a short signature tagged #Bendgate: "Bent. Not bent. As conceived".
Unfortunate for Koreans fact is that the message was sent with the iPhone, as graphically description tweet. Later post was removed, but the social network users had to take a screenshot with a joke.
We can assume that employees are LG phones Apple, but for someone who is microblogging company - is an unforgivable mistake. It is difficult to imagine that Tim Cook or Phil Schiller talked about the news of the company with Android-smartphone.
Oversight LG - not the first of its kind. In November last year, TV host Oprah Winfrey touted Microsoft Surface with iPad , and tennis player David Ferrer confessed his love for Galaxy S4 with the iPhone. The same mistake was made ​​and creative director BlackBerry Alicia Keys - she wrote in microblogging with phone Apple. In October, the head of the T-Mobile praised Samsung Note 3 from your iPhone.